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Funeral Director and Social Media

"Death doesn't belong in the middle of society!"

Yes it does! That's exactly where it belongs. Death feels like the last big taboo subject that we still know in our time. People are disappearing from our environment more and more often. Afterwards we find out that they have died.

Death is part of our society and it is important to give it its place.

I would like to show what has changed in funeral culture. How has the way we say goodbye changed and how do we mourn today. But I would also like to go into what a working day as an undertaker looks like and what legal framework there is around the topics of death and burial.

Like many other undertakers, I share impressions from my life and everyday work on my social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. Below I would like to give you an insight into what I have to say and invite you to follow me.

Are there any questions that you have always wanted to ask an undertaker? Here you have the opportunity to ask them. I will be happy to take your questions into account when designing my articles.

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