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Sustainability in burial

Much of what happens around the funeral makes little sense from a sustainability perspective. A frequently asked question is why a coffin has to be used for cremation. The answer is:

"Because it is absolutely necessary for the technical process."

However, you can ask questions.

Does a coffin have to be stained or painted?

Should the deceased wear clothing made of synthetic materials?

Does the urn burial have to take place in a metal urn?

I can advise you on sustainable service and product offerings.

Morgen-Nebel über Wald

Burial forests

Burial in nature

In our area there are now various burial options in burial forests or in the form of tree burials. The best-known provider of burial forests is FriedWald GmbH. The nearest cemetery forests are in Merode and Bad Münstereifel. In the municipality of Hürtgenwald there is the Ruhehain Hürtgenwald as an alternative. ​ Various regional cemeteries also offer tree burials, for example the Catholic cemetery on Dürener Straße in Eschweiler or the Aachen forest cemetery. Please contact me if you would like a tree burial.

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