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Support offers for self-help  - akis und StädteRegion Aachen

They coordinate self-help groups in the region, including those for those who are grieving. If you search for "grief" you will find the relevant offers in the current list of all self-help groups in the region.

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For example, the self-help group meets every 14 days, on Saturdays or Sundays, in Aachen:

"Grief - Back to life"


Self-help groups are a free service provided by those affected for those affected and offer help and support for various illnesses and life situations.

The akis - "Aachen Contact and Information Center for Self-Help" of the Aachen Community College and the SELF-HELP OFFICE of the StädteRegion Aachen - Aachen City Region offer advice and support on all aspects of self-help.

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