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In case of death

Have you experienced a death and perhaps don't know what to do next? I will help you and am available to answer any questions you may have.

Pay attention to your needs. Take the time to say goodbye.

How it goes on

Death certificate

Before I can act as your undertaker, a doctor must issue the death certificate.

This can be the family doctor,

an on-call doctor or,

in an emergency, an emergency doctor.

A doctor comes to issue the death certificate about 4 - 6 hours after the death has been confirmed.

The death certificate is essential for the transfer.

It serves as a temporary identification document for the deceased.

Consultation conversation

I will advise you on the options for burial. Basically, you can choose between a burial and a cremation. During our conversation, I will explain your options regarding grave selection, funeral service and funeral prints as well as the formalities involved.

To give you time to grieve and to become aware of your ideas, the conversation can also take place one or two days later.

Official Death certificate

The official death certificate is issued by the registry office of the place of death after presentation of the death certificate,

ID card and personal status documents.

I would be happy to register the death at the registry office for you.

Personal status documents required:

Single: birth certificate

Married: marriage certificate

Widowed: marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse

Divorced: marriage certificate and divorce decree with legal notice

Time for mourning and deadlines for burial

Time is important, especially when it comes to your grief.

You have time! Don't let yourself be rushed.

Collection from the place of death must take place within 36 hours of the death.

There is nothing standing in the way of a dignified farewell at home.

Burial, i.e. burial in a coffin, and cremation in the crematorium must take place within ten days of the day of death.

You have six weeks from the cremation to bury the urn.

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