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Cemeteries are places for the dead. But they are not dead places.

On the contrary, cemeteries are very lively places. They are the place where memories can come alive, where grief has its place,

the place where you can be close to the person you loved who had to go. In short, they are also a place for the living.

Because mourning means living and loving.

The classic place of remembrance in a cemetery is the grave with its headstone. There is often enough space on graves to do justice to the life and character of the person the grave is meant to commemorate. I am delighted to have found a partner in "dein Nachklang" who offers a solution to this lack of space.

QR medallion "Heart" black matt
Memorial page on mobile

A medallion made of anodized aluminum with a QR code engraved on it provides access to a digital memorial page on the gravestone.

This medallion is easy to attach and does not require any complicated assembly.

The digital memorial page can be filled with videos, pictures and text. This way, memories can come alive and remain alive. All visitors are given a better impression of their loved one.

The sample memorial page will give you a first impression of what such a memorial page might look like.

You can get a 15% discount code from me for my partner's online shop.

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